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Our particular property is a difficult one, given that the house was built in 1834 and there have been numerous additions since as well. This creates really, a series of insulation challenges. Anyone can, of course, just blow cellulose into an attic but as this team points out, finding the source of air leaks is paramount to getting the result you're looking for and in a property like ours that's no easy feat. They inspected twice and have gone thru considerable effort to nail down our challenges.

They used a heat seeking gun to study non obvious problem areas and studied the construction of the property to find the areas with the greatest payback. They were friendly, professional, and thorough.

-John W


Energy Assessments: Ensure indoor comfort, energy efficiency and a healthy home. We find the source of your discomfort & high energy bills. 


Attic Insulation:
Improve indoor comfort and cut your energy bills by insulating your attic



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Get rid of uneven temperatures and drafts while improving insulation efficiency.