Flequer Vera
CEO/Founder / Sales / Finance / Technician

“Energy efficiency has the potential to transform our communities by creating family sustaining jobs, reducing homeowner expenses, and conserving the environment.”


Lindsey Keller
CMO / Office Manager / Technician

"I am excited about the opportunity to work with a worker owned co-op. Everyone is not only interested, but invested in the success of the company. The culture this creates is very passionate and strong. It's great to work with people who really care."


 Chris Tanner
 Social Media Director  / Outreach / Technician

"I love the idea of working for co-op. Not only is  the worker owned environment advantageous  from a working stand point, it garners better results for clients on every job. Sustainergy makes people's homes more comfortable, more energy efficient and reduces their carbon footprint. It's a win win scenario."


Samir Chavez
Brand Manager / Technician

"Working for a co-op has been a great  opportunity. It’s expanded my knowledge  on many topics. I’m fascinated by saving energy, improving our planet, and it also allows me to use my design skills to improve our brand."



John Camden
Customer Support / Sales

"I'm a disabled vet and am excited to start a new career opportunity. I am really excited about the worker owner model because it adds so much more depth to the job. Everyone giving their best and thinking like owners has been a great change."