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Air Sealing

 In the typical new home, significant volumes of air enter through cracks near the basement rim joists and exit through ceiling holes on the building’s top floor. These air leaks waste tremendous amount of energy.



When the home's duct system isn't properly sealed, carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes that are byproducts of natural gas appliances can build up in the home and create an unhealthy and potentially lethal living environment.



Insulation is a key component of an efficient household. As the diagram to the right shows, more than half of all heat is lost through the attic and walls. This is where we concentrate our efforts to get you the quickest return on your investment.

You deserve an efficient and comfortable house. Stop wasting your money and call us today.







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Flequer Vera
CEO/Founder / Sales / Finance / Technician

“Energy efficiency has the potential to transform our communities by creating family sustaining jobs, reducing homeowner expenses, and conserving the environment.”



 Chris Tanner
 Social Media Director  / Outreach / Technician

"I love the idea of working for co-op. Not only is  the worker owned environment advantageous  from a working stand point, it garners better results for clients on every job. Sustainergy makes people's homes more comfortable, more energy efficient and reduces their carbon footprint. It's a win win scenario."